Feb 17

Ansible and Lambda Don't Mix

TL;DR - Don’t attempt to run Ansible scripts within AWS Lambda; it won’t work. I recently needed to run some event-driven Ansible tasks. The workflow even lent itself to an event that could easily trigger an AWS lambda function. I spent a day or two whittling away at a Docker image for the lambda to do exactly what I wanted. I even tested it locally using a lambda emulator. I worked to …



Apr 24

Wireguard Install on Edgerouter-X

I used to have OpenVPN conigured for my home network. This allowed access to machines at my house without having to expose my entire home network to the internet. It comes in super-handy if you forgot something on a machine at home, or need to remote desktop into your partner’s computer. Unfortunatley, the certificates I generated during setup only had a few years lifetime, and expired about …